Accountancy graduate (2010), working in web development since 2018. Started in London using back-end PHP using the Laravel framework, developing bespoke software in-house (Canvasser portal and intranet and internal systems), before moving to work in client-focused digital marketing.

A passionate coder, I spend freetime on personal projects, learning React JS, Redux, Graph QL.

Other interests include playing bass guitar, cookery and being outdoors.

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Front-end Development

  • ReactJS and Redux
  • ES6 JavaScript and jQuery as required.
  • Clean CSS and SCSS for styling, using BEM methodology. Styled components when using ReactJS.
  • Webpack and Babel.
  • Static site generators, especially Gatsby JS, using various data sources including Drupal.

Back-end Development

  • OOP PHP 7 code.
  • Open-source PHP CMSs - Wordpress and Drupal - custom plugins/ modules.
  • Laravel - MVC framework and for creation of APIs.
  • Git version control.
  • Docker